Hans Peter Tombi

Hans Peter Tombi, the founder of the “Interressengemeinschaft Les Amis du Hartmannsweilerkopf Deutschland” has died at the age of 68 on the 19th of february 2013.

The foundation is a counterpart of the French “Les Amis du Hartmannswillerkopf”, and the aim is to provide information about the fighting on the Hartmannswillerkopf  in the German language.
Together with Sigrid Schwamberger, Hans Peter Tombi has published some books about the Hartmannswillerkopf  which, together with maps inserted in the book, are exellent guides for exploring the Hartmannswillerkopf.

Hans Peter Tombi has left a lasting legacy with his knowledge and work he has done for the Hartmannswillerkopf, one that can be enjoyed by generations to come.



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