Route along German Trenches in the Netherlands opened for public in 2014

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Dec 242013

In a Dutch forest along the border with Germany a route along former German trenches will be opened in January 2014.
The forest, called ‘het Bergherbos’ in Beek, which used to be on German soil during the war, houses about a kilometer of original trenchline.
As restitution for damages suffered from World War II the Netherlands were given this part of Germany in the 1960’s.

In 1917 bunkers and trenches were build inside the forest as the Germans feared that Holland would start co-operating with the Allies. Some 84 bunkers were build but now only the outlines of the trenches remain. The 1919 Treaty of Versailles said that Germany could have no military objects in the Rhineland so the bunkers were blown up.

A part of 50 meters is now being restored and will be open to the public from January 2014 with information boards and artworks placed along the route.

For a photo of the trenches please follow this link:

“Wall of Honour” found during theatre renovation

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Apr 262013

In the United States a “Wall of Honour” was found during renovations to the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, Florida. On the wall there are the names of soldiers who were residents in the town who fought in World War One. The names are placed in alphabetical order. It was found behind plaster that was stripped in what used to be womens restroom

According to American newspapers Military service cards which are filed in state records have confirmed that the names all belong to WWI soldiers.


WWI names uncovered on brick wall

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Florida News - April 10, 2013




Archeological finds in Borrieswalde lager

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Mrt 192013

The fantastic French website about the Centenary also has information on archeological finds at WWI sites on their website.
The following links show information about archeological finds in the Borrieswalde lager, a German camp in the Argonne forest:

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Hans Peter Tombi

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Mrt 192013

Hans Peter Tombi, the founder of the “Interressengemeinschaft Les Amis du Hartmannsweilerkopf Deutschland” has died at the age of 68 on the 19th of february 2013.

The foundation is a counterpart of the French “Les Amis du Hartmannswillerkopf”, and the aim is to provide information about the fighting on the Hartmannswillerkopf  in the German language.
Together with Sigrid Schwamberger, Hans Peter Tombi has published some books about the Hartmannswillerkopf  which, together with maps inserted in the book, are exellent guides for exploring the Hartmannswillerkopf.

Hans Peter Tombi has left a lasting legacy with his knowledge and work he has done for the Hartmannswillerkopf, one that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Stellung Antwerpen to be protected as heritage

 Reacties staat uit voor Stellung Antwerpen to be protected as heritage
Dec 122012

Arial photos made by the Germans in 1918 are being used by the province of Antwerp to map the bunkers and trenches of the Antwerpen Stellung for the 2014 centenary.

A procedure has been started to protect the Stellung as a heritage site.

Video (in Dutch)



Melting glacier reveals World War I ammunition

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Sep 032012

More than 200 pieces of World War I ammunition have emerged from a melting glacier on a Trentino mountain peak. Each piece weighs between 7-10 kilos, and the 85-100 mm caliber explosive devices were found at an altitude of 3,200 meters, when a once-perennial glacier on the Ago de Nardis peak partially melted due to a heat wave .  The pieces were spread over a 100-square-meter area during series of battles fought between the armies of Austria-Hungary and Italy in northern Italy between 1915 and 1918. Disposal specialists have disposed of  the munitions. 

Maffei Glauco / Trentino Italian / EPA