Belgium – Stellung Antwerpen

The Stellung Antwerpen protected the Belgian-Dutch border, and can be divided into three parts¹:

  • A northern part between Fort Stabroek and the Turnhout canal
  • A southern part between the rivers de Zenne and de Schelde
  • A western part between Fort Steendorp and east of Vrasene

In between these areas the fields had been inundated.

The Mastenbos (wood) in the northern part near the village of Kapellen is special because there the trenches between the bunkers are still intact. This is unique as in Belgium there are only a few sites with trenches left, but they are all at the former frontlines near Yper. The Provence of Antwerp has preserved the site and made it accessible for the public.




¹ source: De Holland Stellung, van Knokke tot Antwerpen – H. Sakkers, J. Den Hollander, R. Murk 2011

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