Ehrenfriedhof Aachen (Germany)

Wounded soldiers were often send back to their home country to convalesce. If a soldier died they were buried at the local cemetery.
At the edge of the German city of Aachen remains a beautiful cemetery, the Ehrenfriedhof Aachen. During the 1800’s three colera epidemics broke out and a place was needed to bury the victims. A forest bordering on the city was used for this, and when war broke out in August 1914 it was decided that the soldiers who died in the hospitals would also be buried in the forest. Until 25 September 1924, 2.455 German and foreign soldiers were buried there. During WWII the cemetery was extended again, this time also with victims of bombardments and victims of the Nazi regime.
In the same grounds in 1907 a Bismarckturm was erected.

The many headstones and memorials surrounded by nature make the cemetery a beautiful quiet place well worth a visit.

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