Argonne – Totermann Mühle

The lager Totermann Mühle was based near Binarville along the river L’Homme Mort. Besides the wooden huts a few bunkers were build, which still exist today. One of these bunkers was a ‘verbandplatz’; a hospital.

Also still visible today is the Koning Karl quelle, a fountain with a beautiful text.

The lake you see in the old photographs is no longer there, but was situated near the hospital bunker.


Next to the Totermann lager was the lager Dessauer Platz. All that remains is a bunker for electricity and lighting with a beautiful inscription.


The hospital bunker can shortly be seen at the beginning of a film made by the Americans after the 77th division had captured the lager in 1918.


* The old photographs without WW1relics watermark are from the CD Der 1 Weltkrieg in Bildern


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